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Foot Reflexology

’’There is no place more relaxing in my life than a visit to Caz and her beautiful haven.
I have never been relaxed enough during a treatment to fall asleep but I pretty much always do with Caz!
Caz’s foot reflexology is the most rebalancing, relaxing and therapeutic treatment I have ever had."


’’There is no place more relaxing in my life than a visit to Caz and her beautiful haven.
I have never been relaxed enough during a treatment to fall asleep but I pretty much always do with Caz!
Caz’s foot reflexology is the most rebalancing, relaxing and therapeutic treatment I have ever had. Caz always tailors it to your personal need to optimise your health and help your body process any stresses it may be under.
A truly amazing sanctuary, truly amazing treatments and a truly amazing lady :) Mrs S’’

All Reflexology treatments start with warm towels infused with lavender essential oil placed on the feet to soothe and cleanse.

This is a wonderfully relaxing treatment where the feet are the main focus. Your body is connected to reflex points on your feet and by working the feet with a combination of thumb walking, knuckling, stretching and massage, all of your body systems will be touched in some way and create a direct response in the related body area.

A completely amazing treatment for total wellbeing, Reflexology aims to bring the body and mind back in to balance, as it is so easy for the body to become ‘out of sorts’ and for you to feel a little ‘ungrounded’ through stress, diet, the environment and life in general. It creates a natural energy which aims to boost the immune system and stimulates the bodys own healing process. It is not a cure for medical conditions and your own body will facilitate the healing that it needs. I am just there to get things kickstarted!

I will answer any questions you have before the treatment starts, so you have complete understanding of what I am doing and I normally refer to my beautiful cushion which gives added visual effect!

Foot Reflexology & Aromareflex. Reflexcushion

All treatments begin with a thorough consultation, talking through any medical conditions, stress and energy levels, sleep patterns and how you are feeling in general, to give me a full understanding of you and your needs and what you would like Reflexology to do for you at that particular time. You will then lay on the massage couch with pillows and blankets and you can lay back and completely relax while I work on your feet. The treatment aims to start working on the nervous system, to bring your body down to a point where it will gladly receive whatever the treatment needs to bring it. This is why I always encourage you to lay back and close your eyes and most of the time you will fall asleep or gently doze.

The feet can reveal so much about a person. It is a perfect, non invasive, balancing gem of a treatment and I am totally passionate about it, especially in my love of working with women's health to aid their ongoing wellbeing.

Foot Reflexology & Aromareflex. stone-feet

Foot Reflexology & Aromareflex. Aomareflexlogo


Foot Reflexology using essential oils in a blend made specifically for you. An incredibly nurturing treatment..

These little bottles of oil are wonderful! They can be incredibly powerful to us in body, mind and spirit. Each extracted from a single botanical source and made up of many different chemical components to work in harmony with us in so many different ways. They have to be respected and used appropriately. I love being able to introduce them to you through the wonders of Reflexology.

Foot Reflexology & Aromareflex. Oilmix

When you come in to see me, we can chat about how you are feeling and what you feel you need from your treatment. I can make blends to assist with relaxation and to help with sleep issues, to energise you, for aches and pains, balancing hormones (female & male fertility, reproductive health, menopause), immunity boosting, low mood (SAD and related conditions), digestive ease (to calm or stimulate) and in pregnancy (2nd & 3rd trimester & labour focus).

Foot Reflexology & Aromareflex. Immuneblend

I wrap the feet and use warmed wheat bags to help with absorption of the oils and to aid relaxation. The treatment is 75 minutes long and incorporates extra leg & foot massage along with a reflexology treatment tailored to you using your essential oil blend. You then get to take this home with you to use up over the following days and maximise the benefits of your session. Reflexology with the magic of the oils....just amazing!

Moxibustion Reflexology

Moxa is quite often used in Acupuncture treatments and it comes from the herb Mugwort (very Harry Potter esque!) It is dried and used in Chinese medicine and this has been happening for thousands of years by burning it in Moxibustion therapy. This therapy is said to add extra energy in to the system where it is felt it is needed.

Applied indirectly to the foot via a Moxa roll or stick, research has shown that when this herb is burned, it has the power to emit infrared radiation. The heat then flows into the body through the skin which produces a wonderful warm sensation and influx of energy. It is really good for chronic pain, lack of energy (conditions like chronic fatigue), insomnia, chills and lower back pain. It can benefit fertility and can also be used to support turning a baby in the breech position.

A wonderful addition to foot Reflexology if it is felt it could be of benefit to you, depending on what you are presenting with on the day I see you.

Foot Reflexology & Aromareflex. Memoxa

Feet & Facial Reflexology using Crystals

Crystals are just beautiful and they can really enhance a Reflexology treatment. They transmit energy and each one has its own unique properties, but they can be tuned to work for you for whatever purpose you require. A rather wonderful treatment if you love crystals and/ or are curious about them and also love facial & foot reflexology. We start with the placing of crystals on the chakra points of the body after having chatted through how you are feeling and identifying which chakras may need more assistance than others. I spend a few minutes with the crystals before leaving these on the body while I am working on your face and feet. I can also incorporate Aromareflex on the feet with this treatment too!

Foot Reflexology & Aromareflex. crystals feet

Reflexology supporting Conception

The aim of Reflexology supporting conception is to help balance the hormones, release tension especially in the pelvic area & bring relaxation, stress relief & balance to both you and your partner. It is a wonderful treatment that can be a physical and emotional support to either or both of you and I will spend more time concentrating on certain reflexes that will be more beneficial than would happen in a normal treatment and will be totally tailored to your needs.

Reflexology supporting Pregnancy

Reflexology in pregnancy is a fabulous treatment, giving you some time away in a peaceful, soothing environment, to relax and focus on yourself and your growing baby. It aims to optimise your physical and emotional health by working on specific reflex points on the feet that aim to give relief from symptoms such as insomnia, nausea, indigestion, pelvic girdle pain, lower back pain and constipation. It is a wonderful treatment for stress and anxiety which can be very common during this time. It can also help to prepare the body for labour. A wonderful treatment to receive throughout your pregnancy and special packages can also be arranged to see you through to your post natal time.

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