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Caroline Wadey Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflexology & Reiki in Burgess Hill

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Aromatherapy Massage

"Thank you for the Aromatherapy Massage yesterday. I had the best nights sleep for ages last night and my skin feels wonderful today. It is my new favourite treatment."

Aromatherapy & Therapeutic Body Massage. Card oil

Aromatherapy Massage

I am qualified as a Clinical Aromatherapist having taken a Diploma in Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Science at Neals Yard Remedies in Covent Garden. Each month I used to take a 'view from the window' shot of the Yard as it was the most beautiful setting and we were so lucky to see it at its quietest, busiest and throughout all the seasons.

Aromatherapy & Therapeutic Body Massage. Neals Yard

As part of my qualification, we studied over 70 different oils, their chemical make up, properties and actions on the body. It was a very in-depth and challenging course, but one that has given me a huge amount of knowledge in this field and that I am so excited to share with my clients. I am continually reading about newer oils that we did not study and how I can bring them in to my treatments safely and appropriately. What it means in a nutshell is that I have quite an array of oils that I can refer to to make up a blend that will be beneficial to you at the time that I see you. Nothing is pre blended, just completely bespoke oil blends that will meet you where you are at, whatever is going on physically and/or emotionally. I have no attachment to a particular company for buying my oils. I do have a few favourites (Oshadi, Neals Yard, NHR, Mood oils) but the overriding factor is that they are of the highest quality, that I know how the company sources their oils, sustainability being a big factor and that I wouldn't hesitate to use them on myself or my family.

Aromatherapy & Therapeutic Body Massage. Oil shelf

So what actually is Aromatherapy? In the context of how I work, it is the application of 'essential oils' (highly concentrated materials, derived from plants by various different methods) to the face and body by way of massage (touch) and through the olfactory system (our sense of smell). The oils can add a sense of luxury to a body massage just by the way they smell, but they will have been chosen not just for their wonderful aroma, but for what they can add therapeutically to you physically, mentally and spiritually, hence it is so important to seek the professional advice of a qualified Aromatherapist, as these oils can pack a punch and need to be administered correctly.

Physically these oils can be used to help relieve pain and inflammation, boost immunity as some have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, influence and smooth out imbalances of the hormones, reducing levels of stress hormones and helping to regulate the different stages of our reproductive lives and also have cleansing and antiseptic properties, working with some or all of the body systems.

Mentally they work to enhance our wellbeing and moods. Many have calming and relaxing properties (hello Lavender!) but can also improve clarity and focus when we need to concentrate, study or just simply get things done!

Spiritually they can be used to aid meditation, helping with the breath and to settle and focus the mind. They are often used in yoga practice and within Reiki sessions to clear blockages in the chakras (energy centres of the body).

Aromatherapy & Therapeutic Body Massage. Oil line

So what can you expect from my treatments? As may be obvious, I work 'holistically' as in with the person as a whole (body/mind/spirit). We will sit down on your first visit and as in all my new client treatments, go through a consultation to get to know you as a person, but to also ensure I can work safely with you. We will then talk about aromas (likes/dislikes) any particular favourites you may feel you want to add in on that day and from the information I have gathered from you (medical history, what you want to address, how you want to feel), I will make up a blend using one of my many carrier oils and normally up to 3 essential oils. You will then need to undress (I will leave the room at this point) and get comfortable on the couch.

I will carry out a massage treatment as I explain in my 'therapeutic massage' section but with the added benefits of these wonderful oils. I much prefer to carry out a full body massage with the oils, but I can offer back, neck and shoulder massage. I offer 60 minute treatments but also a 90 minute full body treatment which means you just get that extra bit longer to zone out & specifically for total body and mind relaxation to give your nervous system a chance to recharge. I add in some foot reflexology (as long as you don't mind having your feet touched) and a scalp massage at the end.

After your massage, I make sure you are ready to face the world again by giving you time to get your head together and also encouraging you to have some water to keep hydrated. I also recommend you leave the oils on the body for as long as possible for maximum benefit of their wonderful properties. I will give you a small glass bottle of whatever is left of your blend for you to take home with instructions for use. In the coming weeks it will also be possible to purchase further bespoke body and face blends from myself.

Therapeutic Massage

“Amazing massage tonight by Caz, I went in feeling uptight, anxious, overwhelmed, emotional and just exhausted and now I just feel, peaceful and calm and looking forward to a nice long sleep. Thank you Caz xx” – Ms W

I work slowly, with intention and with flow. I use a combination of hands and forearms that can work gently but specifically with the muscles and fascia.

The power of touch can never be underestimated. A massage can be a really powerful relaxation tool and a wonderful way of nurturing your body and calming your mind and nervous system. I love to think that we are allowing the energy pathways to open and flow freely whilst also bringing oxygen in to the muscles.

I have created the perfect space at Holistically Ginger to welcome you and to ensure you feel warm, safe and completely relaxed, so by the time you get on to the couch, your parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest mode) will be well on the way to ensuring that you are physically and emotionally ready to receive the treatment.

My treatments are totally tailored to you as an individual. No two will be the same. We will discuss how you feel and how you want to feel and we will go from there. We may decide the back, neck and shoulders are the focus and we will work more specifically in to this area of the body, or it could be a full body massage, it could change each time you visit depending on what you present with when I see you. Whatever we do, it will be individual to you.

It has taken me a few years and many courses to find how I want to work with massage and who I would like to treat, but I feel now that I have found a style that totally matches my personality and business and to work with people therapeutically.

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