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Caroline Wadey Reflexology & Reiki in Burgess Hill

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Reiki & Crystal Therapy

"I fell asleep as so relaxed and have been feeling the positives of my treatments since. A truly beautiful sanctuary of peace and tranquility has been created by Caz and don’t think ‘shall I’..do it, book a treatment now you most definitely won’t regret it x” Mrs S


Reiki is a very gentle and wonderful therapy. It is sometimes misunderstood but essentially, energy is channelled through my hands to you and your body will take in as much or as little as it needs to wherever it needs to go, aiming to bring a sense of relaxation to both body and mind. I have been attuned in Angelic, Usui & Seichem Reiki 1st and 2nd degrees, but Angelic Reiki resonates with me the most and unless I feel otherwise, this is what you will receive in my Reiki treatments.

It is a holistic system to aid balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of a person, through body, mind, emotions and spirit. Some people use it as a tool to encourage personal and spiritual awareness, while for others it is simply a way to help if you are feeling out of sorts and physically and emotionally drained.

The body has seven main ‘chakras’ or wheels throughout it and these are linked to our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Each one is linked to a specific part of the body and its systems and if one of these becomes blocked or damaged, then the connected body part or system can be affected. By concentrating on these areas when providing Reiki, the energy is more easily absorbed in to the body and distributed as needed.

Reiki, Crystal Therapy & Chakra Balancing. Reikicat

My treatments begin with a short consultation to establish if you have any medical conditions and how you are feeling generally, which incorporates your stress and energy levels and sleep patterns. I will then explain about the treatment itself especially if it is your first Reiki treatment and will then invite you to get comfortable on the massage couch. You remain fully clothed for this treatment and can snuggle up under a blanket if you wish to.

I will then begin the treatment by placing my hands on your abdomen (solar plexus chakra) and I invite members of the Angelic Kingdom to connect and work with me and they guide me throughout the treatment. You may be aware that my hands are very warm and perhaps tingly and you may experience various sensations during the treatment, but hopefully one of complete peace and relaxation.

Most people drift in and out of sleep during this treatment with a combination of laying down on the couch and the warmth of my hands and awake feeling very relaxed but also revived. It is certainly a treatment you have to try!

Reiki, Crystal Therapy & Chakra Balancing. Chakrastones

Crystal Therapy & Chakra Balancing

As with Reiki above, the main aim of this treatment is to balance the seven main chakra points in the body. My view of the chakras is as energy wheels that in good health and a body that is well balanced, will all be spinning freely allowing the energy to flow around the body with no blockages. Of course, it doesn't take much to stop these wheels spinning at their full potential as illness, injury or life in general can affect how the energy flows and blockages in this free flow can occur.

I have had crystals in my life for a long time. I used to go around craft fairs as a child picking up what I thought were pretty 'rocks' and which I now realise were crystals! It is only in recent years that I have truly begun to understand them and incorporate them in to my daily life. I use them in a variety of ways but sometimes in meditation, in times of anxiety and also to help me sleep.

Crystals are used to assist with unblocking, balancing and directing the energy to where it needs to go and they can really amplify a treatment. It is often wondered how they are able to work so well in bringing our bodies back in to balance and the main explanations around this centre around their natural vibrations, colour and mineral make up.

Reiki, Crystal Therapy & Chakra Balancing. Iriscrystal

The crystals I use are specifically chosen to align to the different chakras and their colours correspond accordingly. I also use clear quartz points to assist with the energy flow. In some instances I will also ask you to choose a crystal/crystals that you are attracted to from my collection and these can be a part of the treatment too. Different types of crystals are thought to have different properties and energies. For many people, being near crystals and holding them will affect how they feel physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In my Crystal Therapy treatments, you lay fully clothed on my massage couch and with a combination of our discussions at the beginning of the treatment and by using my crystal pendulum, I will have determined where I need to place the crystals and the areas that need particular focus. The crystals are then placed on and around you and I move along your body as in Reiki, placing my hands over the crystals for up to 5 minutes at a time, depending on what I am feeling. At the end of the treatment you should feel deeply relaxed. Some people feel a difference straight away, whilst for others it can take some extra time.

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